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special - basic quality

Best-selling all-round measuring tape in proven quality with colored decimeter graduation.
On one side changing color fund every 10 cm, other side yellow.
Available with press-button closure and plastic reinforcement.
Scale on both sides in black.
Poly-fiber fabric with metal tips on both ends.

Length: 150 cm / 60 inch
Width: 18.5 mm  
specialgl.jpg specialcl.jpg specialds.jpg
laid in box 
unit 10 pcs
rolled with clip 
unit 10 pcs
in transparent box
unit 10 pcs
Art. 59102 cm/cm
Art. 59202 cm/inch
Art. 59302 cm+div
Art. 59104 cm/cm  
Art. 59204 cm/inch
Art. 59304 cm+div
Art. 59106 cm/cm
Art. 59206 cm/inch
Art. 59306 cm+div


 specialcfp.jpg specialsb.jpg  special DK 3 specialdksb.jpg
with reinforced 
plastic end (10 cm)  
unit 10 pcs
on sel-service card
unit 5 pcs
with press-button
unit 10 pcs
with press-button
on  self service card
unit 5 pcs
Art. 59107 cm/cm
Art. 59207 cm/inch
Art. 59106 cm/cm
Art. 59206 cm/inch
Art. 59108 cm/cm
Art. 59208 cm/inch
Art. 59109 cm/cm
Art. 59209 cm/inch
special cm special inch special div
cm/cm                   cm/inch                   cm div./cm div.
specialgross special cm
sepcial inch special inch 2
cm diviseur
special div
with press-button
special DK 1 special DK 2 special DK 4
with reinforced plastic end (10 cm)
special CFP