signet color


Marking Pens

signet color vorschauChalk cartridge set with 3.8 mm thick mines for marking and drawing on textiles and many other materials. Very economical in use!

Red cartridge holder with 17 mines in assorted colours including sharpener and rubber. 

signet duo vorschauNew textile marker set with two different mine strengths: 3.8 mm and 2.0 mm.

Easy change of mines thanks to patented holding mechanism. Economical in use!

Mine holder with 16 assorted (waxy) mines, including sharpener and eraser. 

signet 17 vorschauDressmaker's chalk pencil fitted with erasure brush, 11 and 17 cm long.

magicliner vorschauMarking and drawing pen with numerous applications. Water-soluble. Most suitable for sewing, embroidery, silk painting as well as for patchworking and lots of other jobs.