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Promotional items

pillow-Werbung-VorschauOur new roller tape measure pillow with matted surface and lens.

Optional with key chain or carabiner.

Length: 150 cm / 60 inch
Case: 4 cm diameter

picco vorschauCompact roller tape measure picco in mini form with practical key chain.

5 brillant colours.
Length:150 cm / 60 inch
Case: 4 cm diameter

 rollfix VorschauBest-selling compact roller tape measure rollfix,
10 brillant and trendy colours.
Length: 150 cm / 60 "
Case diameter: 5 cm

rollfix dia cm vorschau 2Compact roller tape measure rollfix dia for measuring diameter, case in 10 brillant and trendy colours.

Tape: 150 cm long
Case diameter: 5 cm

rondo-VorschauHigh-quality roller tape measure rondo with large press-button.
Case in 4 brilliant colours.
Tape: 150 cm / 60 " long
Case diameter: 5.5 cm

hobby Farben KetteKordelFlexible & proffesional roller tape measure hobby with 3 meters length. With useful metal chain or neckstrap.
Tape: 300 cm / 120 " long
Case: approx. 5.6 cm diameter

 mastertape Farben WerbungSquare roller tape measure mastertape with rewind mechanism. Case in 3 matt colours - Center disc in 10 brillant colours.

Tape: 150 cm / 60 " long
Case: 5 cm diameter

prisma-VorschauSquare roller tape measure prisma in translucent trend colours.
Tape: 150 cm / 60 " long
Case: 5 cm diameter

forma wei sFlexible roller tape measure forma of professional quality. Practical fastening of the tape to take body measurements most easily.
Tape: 150 cm / 60 " long
Case: 7.5 x 6 cm

hexagon vorschauHexagonal roller tape measure hexagon with rewind mechanism in 6 colours. 
The case can be ordered with a magnet to fix it to metal objects.
Tape: 150 cm / 60 " long
Case: 5.5 cm diameter

strato-VorschauAttractive compact roller tape measure with patented automatic rewind. 

White case with multi-color center disc.
Tape: 150 cm / 60 " long
Case: 5.2 cm diameter

ecco vorschauFlexible roller tape measure ecco in exclusive leather design. Black or red leather.

Tape: 150 cm / 60 " long
Case: 5,2 cm diameter

cat-classicFlexible tape measure in high-quality metal case.
Tape: 150 cm / 60 " long
Case: 5 x 5 cm

leo 2mHigh-quality flexible roller tape measure leo with 2 meters length

Large case with large advertising space on the case

Tape length: 200 cm / 79 "

7.5 cm case diameter

cat-presentA stylish little tape measure in a dainty bonbon wrapper - a perfect give-away present!
Tape length: 150 cm / 60"
Width: 10 mm 

special cm cmThe traditional tailors tape and household tape measure

White tape with outstanding quality - neat presentation capsule

Length: 150 cm / 60"

Width: 18.5 mm 

nero vorschauBlack tape measure with 160 cm length and advertising space on both sides.
Length: 160 cm - scale is printed from 0-150 cm / 60 inch
Width: 18.5 mm

trendyWerbWebs160 cm long tape measure trendy in hip colours with modern scale design.

Tape measure both sides blue, green or pink.

Length: 160 cm - scale is printed from 0-150 cm / 60 inch

width: 18.5 mm

bra-tape-VorschauTape measure for the bust in 3 basic colours
One side with cm scale and bra sizes, reverse side with cup sizes.

sanaflex werbAn inexpensive roller tape measure for general medical use
Tape with green, yellow and red calibrations that provide instant indication of risk to health
150 cm / 60 "
5.1 cm case diameter

leo BMI vorschauFlexible roller tape measure leo 2M BMI with integrated BMI turntable
Easy Indication of Body Mass Index
Case diameter: 7.5 cm
Length: 200 cm / 80 inch, width: 15 mm

forma BMI vorschauCalculate Body-Mass-Index (BMI) for given height and weight. Easy reading on the disc display.

With practical clip to hold the tape measure while measuring. 

Includes exclusive, high-quality roller tape measure 170 cm / 79 inches long.

minifitTiny tape measure in sweet wrapper for the medical sector e.g. for stomach girth measurement.

Inexpensive - ideal for mass mailing.

Length: 150 cm / 60" - Width: 10 mm

Individually in candy wrapper

 bodyfit vorschauHigh quality circumference tape measure for medical use. With patented slider and press-button closure. Green, yellow and red surfaces reveal your level of health risk.

 samba Farben 1New lanyard with practical press button to open and close easily

In 5 standard colours

Length: approx. 105 cm

Width: 18.5 mm


tango vorschauPull-out Lanyard in mini case. The textile lanyard can be withdrawn from the case to an individual measurement; after use it can be rapidly rolled back at the press of the button. 
Length of the lanyard: approx. 105 cm
Case diameter: 4 cm

 minicut EZNew, stylish, handy: safety seam ripper with folding blade.

Generous advertising space. Gift-packaged with view-window for imprint.

minicure-VorschauNail-file and tweezers in compact cassette with patented push-thumb slide-out mechanism. Ball-joint holds both utensils firmly in position.