werbung neu



Due to the hexagonal shape of the case, the advertising imprint on the 33 mm center disc is very effective.
The case is made of durable ABS plastic and can be ordered with a magnet to fix it to metal objects
like a refrigerator. Patented Stop & Go rewind mechanism: at the touch of the press-button,
the tape measure is automatically rolled up in the case and safely stored. 
High quality tape measure made of polyfiber.
  • Case colours: black, white, red, blue, green, yellow
  • Center disc: black, white, red, blue, green, yellow, turquoise, fuchsia, pink, purple
  • Measuring tape: both sides white, graduation in black, length 150 cm - width 10 mm
  • Graduation: both sides cm-mm scale up to 150 cm, if desired one side with 60 inch 
  • Advertising imprint in spot colours according to Pantone or HKS on the center disc or the tape
  • Packaging: in single box
  • Minimum order quantity: 300 pcs 
Offers are available separately on request
advertising space                                                          case diameter
hexagon werbeflaeche     hexagon groesse
95 ww cm cm   95 ww cm inch
cm/cm                    cm/inch
hexagon gross hexagon EZ
hexagon grn hexagon wei