werbung neu



Flexible roller tape measure classic in high value metal case.
Patented automatic stop & go roll function.
Much space for advertising engraving.


  • Case and press-button: nickel-plated brass (silver-colored) or brass without coating (gold-colored)
  • Measuring tape: white on both sides with scale in black, length 150 cm - width 10 mm
  • Scale: cm-mm on both sides or one side cm, other side inch
  • Advertising on the case (laser engraving) and on the tape (screen printing in Pantone solid colors) possible
  • Packing: single box
  • Minimum order quantity: 50 pieces


Offers are available separately on request


 classic bema     classic 2 gross

95 ww cm cm   95 ww cm inch

          cm/cm                 cm/inch