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Stomach girth is decisive for the risk of heart attack!
An inexpensive roller tape measure for general medical use.
Tape with cm or inch scale and green, yellow and red calibrations that provide instant indication of risk to health.
High practical value - ideal promotional item.
  • Case: white
  • Press-button: white, black, red
  • Center disc: white, black, red, turquoise, fuchsia
  • Measuring tape: yellow/white, graduation in black, length 150 cm / 60 inch - width 10 mm
  • White side with cm-mm scale in black and green, yellow and red calibrations for the health
  • Reverse side yellow with cm-mm scale in black, or inch scale if desired
  • Advertising imprint in spot colours according to Pantone or HKS on the center disc
  • Packaging: in single box
  • Minimum order quantity: 1.200 pcs
Offers are available separately on request
advertising space                                    case diameter
sanaflex strato werbeflaeche     sanaflex strato groesse
minifit cm  minifit inch
cm                          inch
sanaflex werb sanaflex strato DK
with hook attachement - for measuring the circumference
sanaflex mit Haken 2 sanaflex mit Haken