signet color


signet duo

Textile marker set for marking and marking on textiles and other materials with 2 different lead strengths: 2 mm and 3.8 mm.
The mines are unbreakable and economical in use. Easy to change thanks to the patented holding mechanism.

Contains a lead holder, 4 erasers, 8 leads each in 2.0 mm thickness and 3.8 mm thickness and a sharpener.

Note: The mines are waxy and different from the mines of the chalk set signet color.

Before use, be sure to test the lead on a specimen to make sure the markers can be removed with the eraser. Residues can also be removed with a damp cloth. In any case, removal of the markings must be done prior to further processing such as e.g. Ironing, washing or dry cleaning!
item packaging PU content
41010-3820 Etui 1 Mine holders, mines, eraser, sharpener
41006-3820 SB-Karte 5 Mine holders, mines, eraser, sharpener
41106-3820 SB-refill 5 Refill set: 16 mines
41042-3820 SB-DP 12 Display with 10 SB-cards


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