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easy check - circumference

Circumference tape with slider and press button. Quick and accurate circumference measurement using patented slider with press-button closure. Quality polyfibre fabric. Tape yellow/white with graduation in black on one side: cm or analogical (cm+inch). Both ends with metal tips.

Length: 150 cm / 60 inch
Width: 18.5 mm

easyel easysb easysbdp
laid with rubber
unit 10 pcs
on self-service card
unit 5 pcs
display with 15 pcs
unit 1 display
Ref. 53103  cm
Ref. 53403  analog
Ref. 53106  cm
Ref. 53406  analog
Ref. 53142  cm
Ref. 53442  analog
easy check cm easy check analog
cm                          analog

easy check analog gro easy check cm gro