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rollfix ®

Top-selling pocket roller tape measure rollfix, classic design.
Reliable, proven automatic stop/go rewind mechanism, patented.
White tape measure in polyfibre-quality, flexible.
Indestructible ABS case in 9 attractive colours.

Diametre of case: 5 cm
Length: 150 cm / 60 inch
Width: 10 mm

rollfix 80103 akt rollfix SB 80106 rollfix DP 14 s
unit 1 carton with 10 pcs
assorted colours
self-service card
unit 5 pieces
assorted colours
Display set with 14 pieces
unit 1 set
assorted colours
Art. 80103  cm/cm
Art. 80203  cm/inch
Art. 80106  cm/cm
Art. 80206  cm/inch
Art. 80142/14 cm/cm
Art. 80242/14 cm/inch

95 ww cm cm   95 ww cm inch
cm/cm                     cm/inch
rxFarben1klein rxFarben2klein rxblau

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