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rollfix DECOR

Bestselling pocket roll measuring tape with proven and patented Stop / Go automatic.
The decors pastel and black have a colored ribbon around the case!

Length: 150 cm / 60 inches - width: 10 mm
Case diameter: 5 cm

rx dec s 10s rollfix decor TB 1000 rx dec s DP 14
bulk - box of 10 piece
unit 1 box
assorted designs/colours
self service-card
unit 3 pieces
assorted designs/colours
display with 14 pieces
unit 1 set
assorted designs/colours
Ref. 80103d-*  cm/cm
Ref. 80203d-*  cm/inch

Ref. 80144d-*  cm/cm
Ref. 80144d-*  cm/inch

Ref. 80142d-*/14 cm/cm
Ref. 80242d-*/14 cm/inch
rollfix decor flora s  * FRUITS - 5 designs
rollfix decor RETRO 1000  * JAPANESE NATURE - 5 designs
80203D S small  * VINTAGE - 5 designs
rollfix decor NATUR s  * S 22 - 5 designs
95 ww cm cm   95 ww cm inch
cm/cm                   cm/inch

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