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Extra long pocket roller tape measure unique with 300 cm. Reliable, proven automatic stop/go mechanism, patented.
Housing: Indestructible ABS. Useful metal chain for hanging or neck strap.
Tape measure: Quality polyfibre, dual colour white/yellow with graduation in black on both sides.

Diameter of case: 5,5 cm
Length: 300 cm
Width: 15 mm

Packaging options
hobbysb hobbyDP14klein
bulk packed
unit 1 carton with 10 pcs
assorted colours
self service card
unit 5 pieces
assorted colours
display set with 14 pieces
unit 1 set
assorted colours
with chain
Ref. 83503  cm/analog
Ref. 83603  inch/analog

Ref. 83542  cm/analog
Ref. 83642  inch/analog

Ref. 82142/14 cm/analog
Ref. 82242/14 inch/analog
with neck strap
Ref. 83503C  cm/analog
Ref. 83603C  inch/analog

Ref. 83542C  cm/analog
Ref. 83642C  inch/analog
hobby cm analog  hobby inch analog
cm/analog             inch/analog
Product photos
hobby Kette
hobby 3m Kette hobby 3m Kordel 1 hobby 3m Kordel 2

hobby 120 inch hobby 120inch Kette 2 hobby DK 2

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