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profi - professional quality

Professional tape measure in excellent quality for heavy duty.
Also available in 200 cm length, and as a crotch-armpit tape measure with 4 inch brass end,
waist tape measure with holes on cm 60-120 and as tape measure for the lot with a brass weight.

Yellow poly-fiber fabric on both sides with graduations in black and with metal tips with eyelet.
Width: 18.5 mm
length: 150 cm / 60 inch 
profigl.jpg proficl.jpg profisb.jpg                        
laid in box 
unit 10 pcs
rolled with clip
unit 10 pcs
on self-service card
unit 5 pcs
Ref. 79102  cm/cm
Ref. 79202  cm/inch
Ref. 79302  cm+div
Ref. 79104 cm/cm 
Ref. 79204 cm/inch
Ref. 79304 cm+div
Ref. 79106 cm/cm
Ref. 79206 cm/inch
Ref. 79306 cm+div
 profi4br.jpg  profi4brsb.jpg  profihk.jpg
with brass end 4 inch
rolled with clip 
unit 10 pcs
with brass end 4 inch
on SB-card 
unit 5 pcs
with hook for the waist
rolled with clip 
unit 10 pcs
Ref. 79107  cm/cm
Ref. 79207  cm/inch
Ref. 79112  cm/cm
Ref. 79212  cm/inch
Ref.  79113  cm
length: 200 cm / 80 inch
Lotmass Vorschau
laid in box 
unit 10 pieces
rolled with clip 
unit 10 pieces
measure the lot
unit 1 piece
Ref. 72102  cm/cm
Ref. 72202  cm/inch
Ref. 72105  cm/cm 
Ref. 72205  cm/inch
Ref. 72105/L  cm/cm 
Ref. 72205/L  cm/inch

profi cm  profi inch  profi div
cm/cm                    cm/inch                  cm+div/cm+div
Product photos
profi 150 cm 
profi gross profi cm profi Tasse
200 cm
profi 2m cm profi 2m cm 2
150 cm / 60 inch                   200 cm / 80 inch
with brass end 4BR
profi cm 4BR profi cm 4BR 2
profi 4BR inch 1 profi 4BR inch 2 profi 4BR inch 3
with hook for waist measurements
Taillenmass 1 Taillenmass 2 
measure with lot
Lotmass gross