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bra tape

Tape-measure for the bust. Basic colour green, pink or blue. One side with cm scale and bra sizes,
reverse side cup sizes. Metal tips on both ends.

Length: 150 cm
Width: 18.5 mm
Measurement guide: german, english, international (spanish, french, swedish, netherlands)
bra tape sb bra tape dose
on self-service card
unit 5 pieces
assorted colours
in transparent box
unit 10 pieces
assorted colours
Art. 59106-bra  Art. 59105-bra
bra tape pink
cm/cup sizes
Produkt photos
bra tape gross bra tape Verpackung
bra tape pink DE 2 bra tape pink int
bra tape gruen de bra tape grn 
bra tape blau en bra tape blau