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shoemaker tape measure

Measuring tape for shoe lasts for professional use.
Tape: high quality poly-fibre fabric, both sides yellow, with eyelet at the end.

Length: 75 cm
Width: 12mm
Graduation: one side cm-mm or combined cm + inch (analog.), other side Engl. Size + French Stich.
Schuhmacher gelegt a 12 Schuhmacher Gummi
laid in box
unit 12 pcs
with rubber band
unit 10 pcs
Ref. 71102  cm
Ref. 71402  analog
Ref. 71103 cm
Ref. 71403 analog
schuhmacher cm schuhmacher analog
cm/...                  analog/...
Product photos
Schuhmacher Leisten Schuhmacher engl.s s 

Schuhmacher cm Schuhmacher analog
cm/engl. size + french stich               analog/engl. size  + french stich