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Measuring tape in modern colors with modern scale in white.
High-quality poly-fiber fabric - green, blue or pink on both sides.
Metal tip on both ends.
Colors: blue, green, pink
Length: 150 cm / 60 inch
Width: 18.5 mm
trendy CL 3 trendy pink SB cm  
with clip
unit 1 carton with 10 pieces
assorted colours
self service card
unit 5 pieces
assorted colours
Ref. 61104 cm/cm
Ref. 61204 cm/inch
Ref. 61106 cm/cm
Ref. 61206 cm/inch
trendy cm trendy inch
cm/cm                     cm/inch
trendy cm blau trendy cm pink
trendy cm inch
assorted colours
trendy CL 3 trendy Farben